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July 24, 2017

Plastics replace glass and metal in LED bulbs

We produce LED bulbs for a customer, where aluminum and glass are replaced with plastics, while performance is increased. For instance, the visible light transmission and reflection could be improved.

Service highlight

July 24, 2017

Contract manufacturing injection moulding

In our modern European industrial facility in Debrecen, Hungary, we produce your complex and high-precision injectionmoulded plastic products 24/7. Further, we can offer you all accompanying services - from construction, to tool manufacturing up to warehousing and logistics.

Product highlight

July 14, 2017

Solvay Technyl adds new EN45545 (HL3) product

The new halogen free Technyl One J offers unique properties as RTI values of 150°C, which are increased requested for specific electric components (e.g bus bar). It also covers the Railway Norms : EN45545 and ASTM E162 / E662.

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