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The plastic syringes are made on an ENGEL e-motion 220.

ENGEL in medical technology: the e-motion 220 impresses

The Schott Group produces prefillable syringes made of COC (cyclo olefin copolymer) on an ENGEL e-motion 220 for the Pharmaceutical Systems business…

FastClix® - The user-friendly lancing device (Photo: Weidmann Medical)

A project that gets under the skin

Complex shapes with narrow tolerance ranges, cleanroom production and quantities ranging in the millions. Disposable medical items bring together all…

Patented closure for cell culture bottles

Rapid optimisation and industrialisation

Cultivation of different cells in a fully automated module is made possible through a specially developed and patented closure for cell culture…

DAYSY , an intelligent ovulation calculator


DAYSY is an intelligent ovulation calculator with app support that records individual menstruation cycles and evaluates these for birth control or…

OptraGate aus weichem Evoprene
Materiallieferant: ALBIS IMPEX AG

OptraGate (Lip an cheek retractor)

OptraGate retracts the lips and cheeks evenly and gently for example for tooth shots. The soft and flexible material adapts to the movements of the…


Compact racks with ninety-six sample tubes and caps facilitate automated diagnosis and a variety of lab processes in biotechnology and medical…

Different sizes of Racks

Rack made with High Impact Polystyrol (Alcom MED HIPS)

Customised Alcom MED compounds of HIPS with diverse additives simplify the production of racks for tips and tubes to analyse liquids in the medical…