Product Highlight

ENGEL duo: the power house for large parts

Whether for large-volume parts, highly sophisticated components for the automotive industry or high-tech products with a perfect finish, the ENGEL duo impresses with compact external dimensions while at the same time offering the necessary flexibility.

Flexible machine solution for trouble-free production

With its flexible layout and compact design, the ENGEL duo is the ideal, space-saving choice for your production and one that enables parts production on a minimum footprint thanks to its ingenious machine solution. Its individually configured two-platen technology, the perfectly designed variable injection unit and the flexible drive design allow for positive-locking, fast action across all movements.


Optimised clamping force

Whether 3,500 or 55,000 kN: Thanks to a narrow graduation of clamping unit sizes, the ENGEL duo series lets you choose precisely the machine type which will deliver optimum results. After all, the clamping unit ensures effective and fast clamping force build-up with four short pressure cushions.


Optimal cost effectiveness

The ENGEL duo impresses with its energy efficient, sustainable design. The result: improved precision guiding even with heavy moulds, minimum mould wear and perfect mould protection.


Hard facts | duo

  • compact design – injection moulding machines with a minimal footprint and low height

  • flexible machine layout – carefully designed, variable large-scale machine with standardised modular matrix principle

  • short cycle times – thanks to optimised motion dynamics and synchronised locking

  • efficient production – smart power solution and maximum cost effectiveness for manufacturing parts with a large volume or large surface area

  • clean and precise linear or sliding guides – precise mould guidance and platen parallelism

  • clamping force – from 3,500 kN to 55,000 kN