Product Highlight

HB-Therm: Thermo-5, Housing size 4

Variable speed radial pump up to 220 L/min, temperatures of 100, 140 and 160 °C, heating capacity of up to 32 kW and cooling capacity of up to 110 kW – this is the impressive performance data of HB-Therm’s new housing size 4 Thermo-5 temperature control units.

Variable speed radial pump, temperatures of 100, 140 and 160 °C, heating capacity of up to 32 kW and cooling capacity of up to 110 kW – this is the impressive performance data of HB-Therm’s new housing size 4 Thermo-5 temperature control units, which the Swiss company will be presenting as a world premier to the professional audience visiting the K 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany. These efficient “power packs” would be expected to require an equally big frame. However, HB-Therm’s engineers aimed at achieving the opposite and they have achieved this aim: Despite the high levels of efficiency, they were able to achieve a unit height of just 650 mm.

In today’s injection moulding facilities with limited space, this is a considerable advantage. It is possible to range the Thermo-5 housing size 4 below most modern injection moulding machines without impinging on the compact overall footprint of the installations.


Variable speed radial pump: Eco-pump, energy efficiency class IE4

One of the outstanding features of the new Thermo-5 size follows the trend towards more energy-efficient use of machines and temperature control technology, which is one of the main focuses of K 2019. This includes the “Eco-pump” variable speed radial pumps that are installed as standard in all housing size 4 models. These sealless stainless steel pumps work at a power of 2.2 kW and circulate a maximum of 220 litres per minute with a maximum head of 65 metres. In Eco mode, the unit can optionally regulate to the temperature difference between main- and return line, speed, flow rate or pump pressure. All energy savings are indicated and logged. By comparison with normal operation, this can save a considerable amount of energy.


Tried and tested features have been applied

Tried and tested features from previous versions have been integrated in the new Thermo-5, housing size 4 temperature control units. This includes e.g. the highly precise temperature control at ±0,1 Kelvin with self-optimizing regulation. The tankless system with indirect cooling provides short heating and cooling times, as only the necessary amount of heat transfer fluid is used. The minimum circulation volume requires less power, which reduces the necessary heating and cooling energy.

Easy, intuitive operation, clear displays and convenient functions are just a few of the features that distinguish the unit control. These include e.g. freely selectable display windows and values, fully automatic cooling, recording of data via USB and evaluation in Excel, saving mould-specific parameters and integrating the units into the controllers of injection moulding machines. Due to intelligent monitoring of all processes, the units only notify operators when it is absolutely necessary.

The high reliability and low maintenance of Thermo-5 is based on fully automatic process monitoring with high-precision ultrasonic flow rate measurement, hose rupture and leakage detection, a hydraulic circuit made of corrosion-resistant materials and the worldwide unique lifetime warranty for the heating unit, whose heating elements work without any direct contact to the heat transfer medium. The closed system without oxygen contact, with automatic deaeration and active pressure regulation provides overall protection for the mould.


OPC UA interface technology future-proofs Thermo-5

Using the optional OPC UA interface, HB-Therm connects its units to the world of Industry 4.0. In the final expansion stage, this enables the digitizing of worldwide communication between machines, systems and sensors as well as allowing a comprehensive exchange of information about products and production. HB-Therm temperature control units can be remotely controlled via OPC UA and allow for other resp. higher-level systems, e.g. machines, controllers, QA or MES systems, to read out various data.


Thermo-5 equipment is suitable for clean rooms

In addition to the standard closed temperature control circuit, the clean room package for the water-based Thermo-5 consists of fibre-free insulation, abrasion-resistant PUR rollers and a high-gloss finish. Equipping the Thermo-5 with this package effectively prevents the emission of vapours or particles into the environment of the temperature control units and therefore into a controlled environment.

In order to ensure reliability from the very first use of the temperature control units, all Thermo-5 units are subjected to detailed internal quality testing and calibration prior to delivery. The most important data is recorded in a log which is enclosed with the units and certifies successful testing. In the “At Rest” condition the clean room-capable version of Thermo-5 complies with ISO Class 6 (Cl. 1000), and “In Operation”, meets ISO Class 7 (Cl. 10000).


More power but still compact

Compact, reliable and energy-efficient – once again HB-Therm’s new powerful housing size 4 meets the technological and economic desires and requirements of its customers. And this shows that the highest levels of performance do not need to affect the size of a unit. Reto Zürcher, CEO of HB-Therm AG, describes the situation like this: “High levels of technical efficiency depend on innovative consideration of a safely functioning technical solution in real-life operation. This is what we have done with regard to the housing size 4. Due to their sophisticated hydraulic modules and tankless system, these models are as compact as they are. Together with our comprehensive warranty for smooth operation, our Thermo-5 pay for themselves very quickly in day-to-day use.”