Ionisation system for thermoforming lines: Bachmann Forming

BACHMANN FORMING AG develops customised, intelligent packaging solutions and manufactures to the highest quality standards. Thanks to iONstream 4.0, the thermoformed trays are guaranteed to be unloaded, enabling a fast and smooth process.

Company expectation: Guaranteed discharge of the thermoformed trays, from distance > 15cm, before stacking by robots. The use of the electrostatic discharge system iONstream 4.0, guarantees discharge up to <= 200V, which enables a fast and smooth process.


iONstream 4.0 - intelligent electrostatic discharge

From cosmetics to pharmaceuticals to the food industry, iONstream 4.0 is a powerful AUTODC® static neutralisation system. It incorporates the latest technological developments and is microcontroller-driven with local embedded intelligence.

The specially developed AUTODC® technology detects the polarity of the charge on the surface of the target substrate and automatically corrects the pulse/pause ratio towards the dominant polarity of the surface charge to achieve maximum neutralisation effect. 

All electronic components as well as the high-voltage power supplies are integrated in the electrode profile. The system is available in 3 versions (6, 12, 18 kV) for normal, large and very large effective distances as well as very high web speeds.


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