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IWK - the combination of science and practice for innovative solutions with modern materials, production processes and multi-material technology

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3D Scanning
Engineering services
Product development
Simulation (FEM, process simulation, etc.)
Topology optimization
Engineering of tools with conformal cooling
Tools with conformal cooling
Application development
Contract research and development
Material development
Technology development
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Image of  Prof. Dr. Gion Andrea Barandun

Prof. Dr. Gion Andrea Barandun

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Ehrig

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Prof. Dr. Markus Henne

Image of  Prof. Dr. Pierre Jousset

Prof. Dr. Pierre Jousset

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Prof. Dr. Mohammad Rabiey

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Prof. Daniel Schwendemann


Since its foundation in 2005, the IWK Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing at the HSR University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil has developed into a well-known competence centre for the plastics processing industry. As a competent partner for companies in the regional and supra-regional area, IWK offers services covering all aspects of the material groups of plastics, fibre composites and material composites.

The IWK has established itself as a competence centre for the most important plastics processing methods in Switzerland. The IWK has proven expertise in materials science, plastics processing and component development. IWK's laboratory equipment covers injection moulding, polyurethane processing, fiber composite processing, compounding, extrusion and material development. In addition, various smaller equipment such as materials testing machines, microscopy, mechanical and rheological testing equipment, climatic chambers etc. are available, which can be used for material characterization, component testing and quality control.

In the field of additive manufacturing IWK has know-how in the design (3D modelling), data preparation (slicer software), material development (FDM filaments), manufacturing (FDM) and characterisation (material testing) of prototype components. That's why the IWK has its own filament extrusion line as well as various FDM printers and the Arburg freeformer.

General Information
Company size
11-50 employees
Founded in
Rapperswil, Switzerland

Oberseestr. 10
8640 Rapperswil
IWK Institut für Werkstofftechnik und Kunststoffverarbeitung is a pioneer of the Swiss Plastics Platform

The Swiss Plastics Platform is possible thanks to the support of our pioneers.

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