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The Swiss Plastics Expo is the meeting place for everyone who works with plastics. Thanks to a unique combination of trade fair, symposium and networking, the plastics fair offers an overview of integral solutions for sustainable and efficient production in line with the highest standards.

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At the Swiss Plastics Expo, exhibitors from Switzerland and abroad present practical solutions for high-efficiency, state-of-the-art plastics production. This benefits decision-makers in the sales markets for sectors such as automobile production, construction, electronics, equipment manufacturing, mechanical engineering, medicine and packaging.

Across all these industries, the Swiss Plastics Expo addresses the key issues related to plastics and plastics processing. With the focus on practical applications, a varied range of focus topics highlight the potential of plastic as a material for maintaining competitive edge. For each focus topic, exhibitors offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration in the form of showcases.

Individual learning is another key feature of the Swiss Plastics Expo. Renowned presenters discuss science, technology and industry at the Innovation Symposium. Numerous keynote speakers and exhibitors offer a general overview of the focus topics, complemented by information about trends and reports on their own experiences.


Focus topics

  • Additive manufacturing for components and mold making
  • Big Data and machine learning in Industry 4.0
  • Bioplastics
  • Blockchain in the plastics industry
  • Design for plastics recycling
  • Clean room manufacturing
  • Exploring new avenues in plastics recycling
  • Intelligent manufacturing of complex components
  • Lightweight construction using fiber composite technology
  • Multicomponent technology
  • Metal substitution and hybrid technology
  • Lean operation and automation for Industry 4.0
  • New material and surface characteristics
  • Successfully mastering the new EU packaging directive
  • The microplastics challenge
  • Virtual development and simulation


The next Swiss Plastics Expo will take place from 25 to 27 January 2022. In the future, therefore, the plastics fair will again be staged once every two years so that it can address and reflect the latest trends and issues.


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