Field of innovation: Quality and lean operations

Quality and lean processes is a management philosophy, which reduces all sorts of waste and which aims at fulfilling the...

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Videos around the topic Quality and lean operations

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Published on
December 6, 2017

Lifetime warranty on the heater

We have full confidence in the technological edge of our products. For this reason – we are the only temperature control unit manufacturer worldwide to do so – we offer our customers a lifetime guarantee on the heater of our Thermo-5 temperature control units.

Showcases around the topic Quality and lean operations

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Published on
February 15, 2017

An efficient alternative to weathering and long-term testing

Our polymer additive analysis services provide comprehensive additive identification in raw materials and solid polymer or plastic materials. As a fast, alternative test concept, it helps Renault to replace long-lasting weathering tests, thus providing clear time savings and cost advantages.


The following providers can support you around the topic Quality and lean operations


HB-Therm ist einer der weltweit führenden Hersteller von Temperiergeräten. Seit 1967 entwickelt und produziert die HB-Therm AG innovative Temperiertechnik für höchste qualitative Ansprüche.

Intertek (Schweiz) AG

Intertek (Schweiz) AG ist der führende Anbieter für Polymer-Additiv-Analytik in der Schweiz. Unsere Wurzeln liegen in der ehemaligen CIBA Specialty Chemicals, Basel. Unsere Expertise ist die Analytik der Stabilisierung von Polyolefinen.

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