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HAUG produces ionizing systems. These are tools for eliminating and producing electrostatic charges.


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  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • P Ionization

About us

We control electrostatics.

We manufacture ionisation systems for customers in Switzerland and around the world.
For almost 40 years we have supported manufacturers of machinery as well as producers in various industries involved in the control of electrostatics.

We have been able to develop thousands of solutions for our customers because we do not sell any products but rather compositions tailored to your needs that charge or discharge electrostatics. In addition, we support your productions with high-voltage measuring and testing equipment.


Removing electrostatic charges solves problems

Electrostatic charges in your production processes or in your machinery must be neutralised because they

  • cause problems with material
  • cause problems by attracting dust
  • expose your employees to the risk of an electric shock
  • create a fire hazard


Electrostatic charging fixes elements precisely and securely

You need electrostatic charging to fix elements in your production processes:

HAUG charging systems offer specifically-customised solutions for your industry and facilities.

Application examples:

  • Fixation of separating powder during the manufacture of cables
  • Fixation/blocking of stacks of paper when cross-cutting
  • Removal of trapped air during the further processing of tubular bags
  • Foil fixation in packaging machines (in-mold-labelling/process)
  • Fixation of the components of a plaster during the manufacturing process

The advantages:

  • contact-free fixation
  • more efficient production processes


High-voltage measuring devices and high-voltage testers reliably support you when ionisation problems arise

To control electrostatics, you must know their polarities and the charge intensities. HAUG high-voltage measuring devices help you with this by making invisible charging moments visible to you.

The advantages:

  • You localise electrostatic charges in your production processes and can carry out appropriate measures
  • You use or reduce electrostatics profitably
  • You improve work safety and quality assurance
  • You improve yield security


HAUG Biel AG was founded for you

HAUG Biel AG was founded in 1980 especially for you, the owner of or an employee at a manufacturing company based in Switzerland. Everything is nearby, local market knowledge and personal customer care were and are the driving quality characteristics that the German parent company HAUG GmbH & Co. KG guarantees you.

In addition, HAUG Biel AG has taken on an important roll as the production facility of many of the components in HAUG ionisation systems. So, for example, the core of every power supply unit – the transformer – is produced in Biel. The products made at the production facility in Biel are used around the world due to the HAUG Group’s intercontinental distribution network.

Working in close collaboration with the research and innovation departments of the German parent company, HAUG products are continually further developed and adapted to changing production and market conditions.
HAUG Biel AG demonstrates social commitment by outsourcing smaller production units to the SIV Centre Foundation. It provides job opportunities and housing for adults with disabilities.

The HAUG Biel AG team has fortified itself using a mixed-age structure. Old and experienced is good, but so is young and inspired. Everyone contributes to a healthy success.


More than 60 years of Haug ionization systems

Haug produces its ionization systems at facilities in Leinfelden-Echterdingen (Germany), Biel (Switzerland) and Mississauga (Canada).

Haug Biel AG covers the Swiss market, while Haug North America supplies customers in North America. Supplies to all other customers originate from Haug Germany.

About half of all products are sold to the German market (of which a significant part is subsequently exported). The other half is supplied to all industrial countries, with a focus on Europe, North America and Asia.

The R&D division of Haug is located in Germany at the Leinfelden-Echterdingen headquarters. R&D is structured into the departments research, electrical development (incorporating electronic development) and mechanical development. Staff in these departments have degrees in physics or engineering or other technical training. Prototyping and testing are also linked with these departments.

In Leinfelden-Echterdingen (Germany), Haug offers apprentice and training schemes for mechanics, commercial staff and electronics specialists.

A quality Management system and an environmental management system is regularly checked by experts for Leinfelden-Echterdingen (D) and Biel (CH) sites and confirmed by a separate certificate.


Our history

The history of the company HAUG GmbH & Co. KG is a small success story – and this because HAUG has grown in reasonable steps the last 60 years.

Since being founded in 1957, HAUG has developed into one of the world's biggest and most successful manufacturers in the field of ionization technology.

Milestones in the history of the company have been in 1980 the opening of a new production facility in Biel (Switzerland), the expansion and modernisation of the headquaters in Leinfelden-Echterdingen in 1993 and last but not least, the expansion to Canada in 1998.

Our own sales branches in Germany and a world-wide, intercontinental distribution network ensure the permanent availability of HAUG products and outstanding customer service.