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ALAMID® - Compounds based on PA 6 and PA 66

The ALAMID® base polymers are noted for their high toughness and hardness. These materials´ excellent abrasion resistance and high heat deflection temperature, coupled with their good resistance to chemicals, mean that ALAMID® compounds can be used for functional engineering parts that are subject t

At the same time, ALAMID® compounds are highly rated on account of their very good surface finish (no streaks or colour changes, and a high colour stability under environmental influences and in contact with everyday media), their high dimensional stability and very low warpage, their stable process capability and their very good interface adhesion with TPE. A broad range of filler and reinforcing materials permits great flexibility and extensive modifications for customer-specific applications.


ALAMID® features

  • High toughness and hardness
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • High heat resistance
  • Good chemical resistance andresistance to cleaning agents
  • Wide spectrum of fillers and reinforcing material
  • Very good surface finish
  • Neutral natural colour and good colourability of the base polymer, high colour stability 
  • High dimensional stability and very low warpage
  • High strength and toughness under mechanical load
  • Stable process capability
  • Very good interface adhesion with TPE
  • A broad range of filler and…
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