BIG SMARK Laser marking station

Universal laser workstation from Sisma for laser marking and laser engraving of various metal and plastic parts, even fineblanking is possible. 20 - 70 Watt laser sources can be installed

Big Smark has a handy undercarriage with wheels. The spacious working chamber of 500 × 500 mm and up to 530 mm height (F100) also allow laser marking of larger components. The maximum labeling area is 180 × 180 mm.

Depending on the application, fiber lasers can be used in various performance categories. An innovative design combined with the enormous process engineering possibilities make the Big Smark an easy-to-use and extremely productive laser system that sets standards.

On the Big Smark, various beam sources with outputs of 20 - 70 watts in the wavelengths 1064, 532 and 355nm can be installed.

Numerous options and accessories are available, such as the fully integrated CVS camera system and the Pattern Matching software option. These two features enable the automatic recognition of components that have been taught in once and the precise placement of the lettering or engraving. As a result, not only the set-up times shorten massively, even expensive workpiece holders can be saved and missing parts are largely avoided.

Also available as an option are various plug and play rotary axes for marking cylindrical parts on the lateral surface and a plug-in for 3D engraving.

As the medium size of the SISMA laser stations, the Big Smark is extremely versatile. In combination with the very user-friendly yet comprehensive Prisma software, it offers an application-oriented solution for marking and engraving metals, ceramics and almost all plastics.

Solid built and incredibly many functions and all in a compact size workstation. Due to the wheels, the machine can be easily relocated, you only need a 230V connection.


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