ENGEL e-mac: compact machine for high output

The ENGEL e-mac empowers all-electric injection moulding. It impresses with speed and precision as well as extremely frugal and energy-efficient operation.

All-electric. Fast. Precise.

All movements of the ENGEL e-mac – including nozzle contact pressure build-up and ejection – are performed by servo-electric drives. With acceleration up to 22 m/s2 on the injection axis, the ENGEL e-mac sets new standards. Due to its outstanding strengths and precision, the machine guarantees short cycle times and high productivity, what leads to a maximum of good parts.


High energy efficiency saves costs

The ENGEL e-mac achieves more for you. Thanks to all-electric drive technology and low energy consumption, the e-mac impresses with frugality. Not only in ongoing operations, but also in terms of capital outlay. The machine makes optimum use of your shop floor space, with its extremely compact dimensions = more performance per cubic metre. The ENGEL e-mac is a machine which pays dividends surprisingly quickly because of the attractive purchasing price.


Many options for more flexibility

The ENGEL e-mac uses the proven ENGEL CC300 control unit which offers flexibility for all ENGEL machines. With the ENGEL e-mac, you can also implement complex injection moulding applications in a highly efficient and user-friendly way. Thanks to fully integrated automation, the ENGEL e-mac becomes a highly efficient production cell that can be controlled centrally. It means: "Robot control unit = machine control unit".


Hard facts | e-mac

  • compact efficiency – injection moulding machine with high productivity and small footprint
  • flexible range of applications – advanced options package for standard applications
  • long service life – thanks to linear guiding of the moving platen

  • low energy consumption – all-electric drive concept with an innovative energy recovery system

  • clamping force – from 500 kN to 2,800 kN
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