ENGEL e-motion: all-electric and highly accurate

The ENGEL e-motion is an all-electric injection moulding machine for high-end applications. Both the precision and the speed make it worth investing in.

The right machine for high-end applications

More and more, always faster, always more precise, always cleaner. These are the demands that the ENGEL e-motion perfectly meets. The machine is best for high-quality applications: medical or fast-running packaging applications and electrical multi-component solutions. The flexible, all-electric highly efficient machine concept ensures constant and clean quality.


Excellent cleanliness and durability

The ENGEL e-motion not only scores with its encapsulated toggle lever and closed systems, which ensure a working environment suitable to clean room standards, but also with its cost and energy efficiency. The enclosed system ensures that the bolts are permanently covered in a film of oil, thus significantly increases the service life fo all relevant parts - and cuts maintenance costs.


Energy-efficient production

Dynamic servomotors with breathtaking acceleration ensure short injection times and highest performance. High efficiency components in the all-electric injection unit make for perfect energy balance: output is increased significantly as energy costs are cut by as much as 70 percent.

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