Product highlight 30 June 2017

ForTii MX & ForTii Ace MX : the next generation PPA`s

DSM’s next generation PPA ForTii (PA4T) is a breakthrough high temperature polyamide showing excellent performance in mechanics at elevated temperatures, long high temperature resistance and chemical resistance.

ForTii is on the market since 2009 and typically known for applications in the electronics market (halogenfree, SMT process, JEDEC 1).

Meanwhile DSM developed a more complete product portfolio with specialties for potable water contact ForTii Ace series which have superior chemical resistance is similar to PEEK.  Basically almost all ForTii developments are created to replace metal in the extreme demands of automotive and industry applications

A overview of new ForTii products;

  • ForTii WX11 FC (Black, 30%GF) for potable water contact (Approvals : FDA, EU food, KTW , W270, WRAS, ACS). more info under :

Commercially attractative grades:

  • ForTii MX1 (Natural & Black, 30%GF) (Tg 125°C)
  • ForTii MX1 (Natural & Black, 40%GF) (Tg 125°C)
  • ForTii MX1 (Natural & Black, 50%GF) (Tg 125°C)

ForTii Ace for PEEK and Metal replacement:

  • ForTii Ace MX51 (Black, 30%GF) (Tg…
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