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In order to dry hygroscopic plastics for small material throughputs or stand-alone applications, motan has developed the new, mobile dry-air dryers LUXOR E A and LUXOR EM A. Equipped with a permanently installed drying bin, the compact dryer is available with 60, 100, or 150 litres volume.

The LUXOR E A models of the new range can be integrated into existing systems. They are designed to be connected to existing conveying systems. Alternatively, they can be equipped with their own stand-alone material loader.

The LUXOR EM A dryers, on the other hand, are self-sufficient, moveable stand-alone units, for isolated application, for example. As standard, they are equipped with integrated dry-air drying and a side-channel blower, as well as a small, monitored cyclone blower protection filter. The cyclone filter consists of an easy to clean fine filter cartridge and a transparent dust collection bin. The pipe work for dry-air conveying with rigid hose connections ensures that the suction box is protected from environmental air and filled with dry-air. This is why material can remain in the suction box even during down-times, as it continues to be a dry environment, protecting the material from reabsorbing moisture.

The LUXOR EM A version dryers have up to three METRO-G material loaders for operation, in order to supply the drying bin and up to two processing machines. Optionally, METRO-G material loaders with an installed METROMIX proportioning valve can…

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