Product highlight 8 November 2017

NYLAFORCE® - Metal replacement

The characteristic feature of the NYLAFORCE® group of materials is their extremely high glass fibre reinforcement content of up to 70%. NYLAFORCE® compounds are based on an innovative production technology known as the feed-up process.

This allows the glass fibres to be incorporated in a particularly gentle manner.

As a consequence of its manufacturing process, NYLAFORCE® only absorbs moisture slowly. This ensures a high dimensional and property stability under changing environmental conditions. The tensile modulus and hence the dimensional stability of NYLAFORCE® is clearly above that of conventionally manufactured compounds.

NYLAFORCE® is ideally suited to functional engineering parts that are subject to stringent requirements on their mechanical strength and constitutes an attractive alternative to metal materials, such as aluminium, and zinc and brass alloys, in many areas.

The NYLAFORCE® A grades based on PA 6.6, in particular, are noted for their extremely high strength at high temperatures. Heat stabilised grades are thus ideal for high-strength parts subject to temperature loads, such as components in car engine compartments.

NYLAFORCE® B grades based on PA 6 display excellent behaviour under dynamic stress. Their high absorption potential for kinetic energy, coupled with exceedingly high strength values at the same time, make these engineering…

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