The SONDERHOFF MOLD'N SEAL process is a combination of injection moulding and foam sealing. By integrating the previously separate processes of injection moulding and foam sealing in a single production step, processes become more efficient and save investment, storage and personnel costs.

Combination of injection molding and foam sealing

The SONDERHOFF MOLD‘N SEAL process – the combination of injection molding with mixing and dosing machine in one production cell – has been developed in cooperation with Arburg and Engel, the manufacturers of injection molding machines. After the injected part is taken out of the molding form, it is directly applied with the SONDERHOFF FERMAPOR FAST-CURE K31 system, a polyurethane sealing foam especially developed for the SONDERHOFF MOLD‘N SEAL procedure.

With the SONDERHOFF MOLD‘N SEAL procedure the two formerly separated processes injection molding and foam gasket application can now be combined in one production step with regard to efficiency and product quality. The injection molding parts no longer need to be prefabricated and stored temporarily as before.


With SONDERHOFF MOLD`N SEAL the following saving potentials can be realized:

By a faster curing time of the Fast-Cure seal material (tack-free after 120 sec.) an accelerated further processing is possible.

Instead of two only one handling robot for the part handling of both processes (injection molding and foam gasket application) is necessary.

Through process integration injection molding machine, six-axis handling robot, mixing and dosing system and discharge conveyor belt need only a very small footprint of just 24 to 40 sq. m. depending on the different format of each configuration.

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