Product highlight 8 November 2017

THERMOFORCE® - Thermally Conductive Compounds

THERMOFORCE® is our product series of thermally conductive compounds which, with their outstanding material properties, are certainly a match for metal materials when it comes to thermal conductivity.

THERMOFORCE® - Thermally Conductive Compounds also offer clear advantages compared with metal from an economic, technological and design angle.

Optimum heat dissipation and maximum freedom in design

Intelligently deployed components, such as the selection of basic polymers, fillers and additives make it possible to increase thermal conductivity and hence ensure efficient heat elimination. And, at the same time, these materials with their formability offer design engineers and developers maximum freedom of design and open up the way to complex designs.

Cost-efficient and lightweight

Further positive aspects, such as an enormous savings potential through cost-efficient system and follow-on costs (suitability for injection moulding), and a clear weight reduction (lightweight construction) make THERMOFORCE® a hot topic when it comes to the substitution of metals. These materials are employed particularly in applications where the use of metals poses problems, such as in the insulation field.

It's the mix that counts - electrically conductive or electrically insulating

THERMOFORCE® compounds are highly filled polymers and,…

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