TRIBOFORCE® - Tribologically-optimised compounds

TRIBOFORCE® is the latest generation of tribologically-optimised thermoplastics. With a complex combination of different additives, these materials define a new class in wear behaviour.

Exceptional wear resistance and low coefficients of friction, coupled with excellent dimensional stability, make TRIBOFORCE® the ideal material for bearings to withstand extreme requirements.

Users can choose between TRIBOFORCE® materials with different base polymers, covering a temperature range of - 40 °C to 260 °C, and short-term service temperatures of up to 300 °C are even possible as well.

TRIBOFORCE® materials are the preferred materials for toothed wheels and bearings, and in almost all cases, it is possible to get by without lubrication. By substituting our new additive combinations for conventional lubricants such as PTFE, we are also able to produce TRIBOFORCE® materials with a high mechanical strength.

As an additional service, we offer wear measurements on tribological test rigs. Virtually all the operating conditions specified by the customer can be simulated on the test rig, permitting the friction and wear behaviour to be established in this way. Elaborate test series can then be dispensed with.

TRIBOFORCE® features

  • Tribologically optimized compounds
  • Ideal sliding/slipping/bearing products for extreme demands
  • Exceptional resistance to wear and tear
  • Low coefficients of friction
  • Outstanding dimensional stability
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