Polymer additive identification and analysis.

Intertek's laboratory in Reinach (BL) offers standardized and R&D support services for the chemical identification of polymer additives in various plastic materials.

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Usually the polymer is extracted using an appropriate solvent. The selection of the correct solvent for a particular polymer is essential for the successful extraction of polymer additives. The polymer extract is then analysed by LC-MS and GC-MS.

Polymer additives have different chemical and physical properties. LC-MS and GC-MS are complementary analytical techniques, their combined use maximises the chance of a successful analysis. LC-MS is better for high molecular weight and more polar additives. GC-MS is better for low molecular weight and less polar additives.

To provide an example: in an LC-MS chromatogram of a polypropylene extract sample contained the additives dioctylphthalate (plasticiser), Tinuvin 312 (UV absorber), Irganox 1010 (antioxidant) and Irgafos 168 (processing stabiliser). 

Intertek offers on-line pyrolysis-GC-MS of polymer chips as a quick low cost procedure to get preliminary data on polymer additives. This technique does not have the comprehensive scope of the solvent extraction-LC-MS/GC-MS procedure.

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Intertek (Schweiz) AG

Intertek (Schweiz) AG ist der führende Anbieter für Polymer-Additiv-Analytik in der Schweiz. Unsere Wurzeln liegen in der ehemaligen CIBA Specialty Chemicals, Basel. Unsere Expertise ist die Analytik der Stabilisierung von Polyolefinen.

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