Handle shell for Swiss pocket knife from Victorinox

Easy to handle: Swiss pocket knife shell with an outstanding grip - Victorinox AG from Ibach/Schwyz, Switzerland opts for ALAMID® compounds for its handle shell

The traditional manufacturer of the original Swiss pocket knife, Victorinox AG with its head office in Ibach/Schwyz, develops and sells unique, high-grade products worldwide which are highly practical in a wide range of everyday and specific situations. Quality, functionality, innovation and iconic design are all key priorities for Victorinox.

The "Dual Pro", "Forester One Hand" and "Sentinel One Hand" pocket knives are robust knives that can withstand rigorous use and hence constitute the perfect tool to accompany day-to-day adventures. The knife handle shells in black and red have an appealing, ultralight design and not only look attractive but also provide an excellent grip.

This is made possible, among other things, by ALAMID® compounds from LEIS Polytechnik polymere Werkstoffe GmbH - a Brenntag group company - which are used in the two-component material for the handle shell. The specifications of the material were modified especially for these Victorinox applications.

ALAMID® compounds are based on PA 6 and PA 66. The materials are noted for their high toughness and hardness. The excellent wear resistance and high heat deflection temperature, coupled with good chemical resistance, make ALAMID® compounds ideal for technical functional components that are subject to stringent requirements.

At the same time, ALAMID® compounds are highly rated on account of their very good surface finish (no streaks or colour changes, and a high colour stability under environmental influences and in contact with everyday media), their high dimensional stability and very low warpage, their stable process capability and their very good interface adhesion with TPE.

A broad range of filler and reinforcing materials permits great flexibility and extensive modifications for customer-specific applications.






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