First tight biodegradable coffee capsule

Plastic capsules that are made of renewable raw materials and free of aluminum. BACHMANN launches the first industrially biodegradable plasticcapsule.

The recycling trend continues. The consumers pay more attention to the sustainability of the products they buy; this is also a subject in connection with coffee. The capsule machine provides enormous convenience compared to fully automatic coffee machines with grinder, but they produce also more waste. We now made the breakthrough with our development team. A coffee capsule, made of sugar cane based material, which can be 100% biodegraded.



On one hand, a major challenge was the thermal stress, which the capsule must withstand. On the other hand, the EVOH-layer had to be replaced by a degradable barrier layer, in order to secure the aroma tightness.


The film is compatible with the DIN CERCTO standard DIN EN 13432:2000-12 and will be degraded up to 90% after 12 weeks of professional industry composting.


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