Plastics replace glass and metal in LED bulbs

We produce LED bulbs for a customer, where aluminum and glass are replaced with plastics, while performance is increased. For instance, the visible light transmission and reflection could be improved.

Showcase (real application example)

Our customer is a led bulb brand, which distributes innovative lighting solutions worldwide. PLASTIC Hungary Kft produced the plastics parts for some of their bulbs. The major challenge was to replace metal and glass through plastics.

Thereby, the following could be achieved:

  • The plastic replacing the glass has a 2% higher visible light transmittance
  • The insert is made by injection moulding of thermal-resistant plastic, a full-featured substitution of aluminum, with fire resistance by IEC 60695-2-12 650 °C, UL 94 V0 and thermal conductivity of at least 12.0 W/(mK)
  • The fire-resistant material of the reflective part reflects 97% of visible light and is UV resistant
  • The heat sink is made from a plastic, that is fire-resistant by IEC 60695-2-12 > 650 °C, UL 94 V0 and has an electrical resistivity of at least 1,012 Ω*cm

Thanks to this innovative material selection the LED bulbs consume only 2.5 W to 5 W with a rated light flux 440 lm to 550 lm.

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Contract manufacturing
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Used technologies

Injection molding


Provider who helped realising this showcase

PLASTIC Hungary Kft.

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