Ravago & Claza enable recycled PP for aesthetic applications

Claza expands the field of application for PP. Even parts made of sustainable PP recyclate can be decorated. In one process step, parts with a polar Class-A surface are produced

Ravago and Claza enable recycled PP to be applied in aesthetic applications

The Claza technology developed by nolax transforms standard plastic (all types of PP) into a colorful and elegant masterpiece. Thus, Claza not only opens up a surprising and sustainable system solution for the decoration of plastic parts, but also increases process efficiency. In other words: Claza sets new standards for decorated PP parts (made of virgin, recycled or modified PP) and creates a Class-A surface without great effort, in a single process step.

If the smart Claza prime film from nolax is inserted directly into the back injection mould by itself, PP parts with a polar surface are produced which can be painted directly. No cleaning, no pre-treatment (flame treatment) and without application of a liquid primer.

The advantage of Claza is obvious: the production of a polar PP part in a single process step.

Short process cycles, less scrap and less waste are further advantages. In addition, Claza prime reduces defects and unevenness on the surface. This enables up completely new possibilities for the use of PP recyclate, which is given a polar Class-A surface with Claza.

Ravago Manufacturing (100% subsidiary of the Ravago Group, as RESINEX) has been active in the post-industrial recyclates sector since 1961 and now operates globally with plants in the EU, US and Asia. Ravago Manufacturing's many years of experience and continuous global growth mean that it is ideally positioned to guarantee the continuous availability of recyclates through solid, secure access to reliable sources.

nolax has thoroughly tested 2 types of Malfill rPP from Ravago Manufacturing:

- Mafill CR XG 3544 H Black : COPO / 30% new glass fiber / heat stabilized , very high quality rPP which is now also used for headlight housings, an area where low (or no) emissions from the plastic are allowed. (Moldflow data are also available for this type).

- Mafill CR HT 5344 H Black : HOMO / 20% talc / heat stabilized, a standard recyclate which is used in various applications and markets.

Both materials could be processed well. The manufactured parts were then tested in nolax's test laboratory after a VW standardised pressurised water jet test.

Summarized: the combination of Claza and Ravago rPP is more sustainable than conventional decoration technologies as it eliminates process steps and reduces scrap rates.

In addition, Claza enables the use of PP recyclate  for aesthetic applications, thus opening up completely new areas of application for this sustainable plastic

The Claza technology from nolax gives PP recyclates a new shiny life



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