SKIDATA Entry System: From consulting until implementation

The combination of the Material requirements are unique. The specification of light transmission level and weathering resistance criteria must be fulfilled.

Showcase (real application example)

SKIDATA AG produces entry systems which are deployed worldwide in different locations and environments. It has to meet the material requirements in parking garages or on ski slopes for example. In particular, this requires weathering resistance (UL 746 f1), flame retardency in public buildings (UL94 V0 at 2mm , bromide- chlor-free) and specific LED LED light transmission level (Haze/Transparency) to guarantee communication with the user. The system is developed in Austria and the components are processed in the UK, Germany and Austria.

In order to fulfill these various requirements, Resinex Switzerland AG as a specialist for material selection was called.

For the entry system's lighting and communication element eventually PC (Trinseo Emerge 8830) is selected.


RESINEX Switzerland AG supported SKIDATA AG in realising this product.





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Better quality
More customized solution / access to larger product variety

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RESINEX Switzerland AG

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