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Efficiency looks at the entire plastic production facility and aims at optimizing resource consumption, such as electric energy, water, air, etc.

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The e-motion is the ideal production unit for the continuously growing demands of a dynamic market.

ENGEL e-motion: all-electric and high-precision

The ENGEL e-motion is an all-electric injection moulding machine for high-end applications. The right choice when both precision and speed are…

The energy-efficient viper is the ideal complement for a maximum output.

ENGEL viper: innovative technology meets flexibility

ENGEL robots guarantee the optimisation of all injection moulding applications with the aid of innovative technology: the ENGEL viper linear robot…

The two-platen injection moulding machine with flexible layout and compact design.

ENGEL duo: the power house for large parts

Whether for large-volume parts, highly sophisticated components for the automotive industry or high-tech products with a perfect finish, the ENGEL…

With AnalytiX you always have your production in view

AnalytiX: Innovative analysis tool

AnalytiX is the cloud-based production monitoring from Netstal. Using the innovative analysis tool, you can access the monitoring of machine states…

Guided and safe machine operation with Smart Buttons and Dashboard

Smart Operation

Smart Operation is the innovative operating concept for all Netstal machines with aXos controller technology. The new optional available feature…



Ejectors for inclined ejection units for demoulding of undercuts. Make use of the freedom in design on the E 3272 block for eroding for inclined…

Cylindrical deflection

Space-saving production thanks to curved belts

MTF curved belts offer you the optimum alignment of your parts during the entire conveying process. This saves space and makes the production process…

The new ILLIG pressure forming machine IC-RDM73k

ILLIG automatic pressure forming machine IC-RDM73K

ILLIG in Heilbronn has developed a new state of the art pressure forming machine with high output and a quick-change tooling system for thermoforming…

SGM IntElect2 von Sumitomo (SHI) Demag

SGM IntElect2 from Sumitomo (SHI) Demag

The second generation of the of the all-electric injection molding machines IntElect convinces with its greatly improved energy efficiency,…

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