Mythentec AG

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Mythentec provides a wide range of services for your projects with a corresponding depth of dedication. Our team is committed to delivering a maximum degree of flexibility and ensuring that communication channels re- main uncomplicated and short.


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Normes, Produits, Services

  • N ISO 13485:2016
  • N DIN EN ISO 9001
  • P Matières plastiques standard
  • P Matières plastiques techniques
  • P Plastiques hautes performances
  • S Développement de produits
  • S Services de construction
  • S Outils de moulage par injection
  • S Prototypage
  • S Mesure, numérisation 3D
  • S Moulage par injection de thermoplastique
  • S Injection multi-composants
  • S Moulage par injection supplémentaire
  • S Usinage au laser
  • S Autres finitions, surfaces
  • S Assemblage

À propos de nous

As a reliable partner with special expertise, we will 
support you every step of the way from the initial 
idea right through to the finished product. 
Our versatile approach and extensive experience ensures 
that you enjoy the product quality you require – both in 
terms of materials and in process engineering. We are 
also more than happy to take care of post-production 
processing, right up to the manufacture of products 
ready for sale.