Challenges of plastics & single-use legislation - SPE 20

Dienstag, 21. Januar 2020

12:05 Uhr - 12:25 Uhr

Luzern, Schweiz

The presentation will elaborate on recent legislative initiatives of the European Commission with regard to plastics materials and single-use items and how they impact on the packaging sector. This keynote is part of the Innovation Symposium of Swiss Plastics Expo 20.

The provisions of the Circular Economy Package on waste and packaging legislation, the EU Plastics Strategy as well as the recently (and very quickly) established Single-use Plastics Directive have an immense impact on the packaging sector across the EU and beyond. The push for mechanical recyclability and the consequential use of recyclates is a step to move towards circularity. However, other - also circular pathways - such as better functionality and alternative - low carbon - feedstock use need to be considered as well. The presentation will analyze some of the challenges of the present legislative dossiers and will suggest integrated development pathways.


Short CV

Kristy-Barbara Lange is Deputy Managing Director at European Bioplastics (EUBP). In 2010 she joined EUBP as Head of Communication and was until 2014 responsible for all internal and external communication activities

of the association including media relations and corporate publishing. Since 2014 Kristy is representing EUBP in Brussels vis à vis the European institutions with a focus on regulatory affairs and networking.


This keynote is part of the Innovation Symposium of the Swiss Plastics Expo

At the Innovation Symposium, you will receive the latest specialist knowledge on 16 topics relating to plastics and plastics processing on two stages. Keynote speakers will report on science, technology and industry. The showcase presentations will give you background information on exciting projects.

Participation in the Innovation Symposium is included in the fair ticket.


Dieser Vortrag wird in Englisch gehalten.


Foto von  Kristy-Barbara Lange

Kristy-Barbara Lange

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