NYLAFORCE® dynamic - Metal replacement

A power pack for dynamic applications - With NYLAFORCE® dynamic Brenntag has introduced the second generation of feed-up polyamides. This high-performance materials have been developed especially for applications subject to high dynamic loads.

NYLAFORCE® dynamic is produced by an optimised feed-up process. The mechanical properties achieved in this way are unique for a highly reinforced thermoplastic. NYLAFORCE® dyn-2 A 60 thus has a tensile strength of 320 MPa with an elongation at break of 2.7%. The NYLAFORCE® dyn B 50 grade even passes the impact test without fracturing while offering a tensile strength of no less than 270 MPa and an elongation at break of more than 3%. These are figures that polyamides with 50% glass fibre reinforcement have come nowhere near to attaining to date.

Its enormous mechanical strength, coupled with outstanding elongation, makes NYLAFORCE® dynamic the ideal alternative to metals, such as aluminium, and zinc and brass alloys.

NYLAFORCE® dynamic features

  • Metal substitute
  • Specifically for applications subjected to high dynamic load
  • Tensile strength of up to 320 MPa
  • High elasticity modulus and thus high dimensional stability
  • Very high elasticity, outstanding elongation
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