Whether in automobiles, sport, or oil production, VESTAMID® always is a top performer and keeps on getting better. Replacing metal parts is just one of its many uses.

A wide range of high-performance polyamides
Evonik has been producing VESTAMID® polyamides for some 40 years. The product range covers molding compounds of polyamide 12, polyamide 612, polyamide 12 elastomers (PEBA), polyphthalamide, and, more recently, polyamides based on renewables. These materials have been used for decades by well-known manufacturers.



PA 12
PA 12-Elastomere
PA 612


VESTAMID® HTplus - Taking the Heat

VESTAMID® HTplus has been specially developed as a substitute for metal in conventional metal applications. It is a polyphthalamide (PPA)-based semi-crystalline material that is stable at high temperatures and offers an excellent price-performance ratio. It combines high temperature resistance with excellent resistance to chemicals and outstanding mechanical properties.

  • high heat resistance
  • excellent resistance even to aggressive chemicals 
  • high dimensional stability 
  • high corrosion resistance 
  • excellent mechanical properties such as high rigidity and tensile strength 
  • high abrasion resistance 
  • efficient processing 
  • direct bonding to a variety of elastomers to give plastic-rubber composites, without the need for adhesion promoters
  • suitable for production of hard-wearing fibers 
  • approved for direct contact with drinking water and food


VESTAMID® Care – for highest safety

The polyamide resins we provide for medical applications are named VESTAMID® Care. They are versatile and simple to process, and reliable and safe for various applications.

The manufactured parts are flexible and pliant and exhibit the following characteristics:

  • high bursting strength
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • slow sliding friction
  • high toughness
  • good mechanical properties
  • low processing tolerances


VESTAMID® Terra - Because we care

Under the name VESTAMID® Terra Evonik markets a group of new polyamides based on renewable raw materials: The monomers are obtained partly or entirely from castor oil, a raw material that is neither foodstuff nor animal feed and whose cultivation does not compete with that of food crops.

  • Made from plant (bio-sourced)
  • Reduces global warming potential
  • High performing
  • Competitive against existing polyamides
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