Dryer housing for air spring compressors

Automotive supplier AMK Automotive uses dryer housings in NYLAFORCE® compounds to manufacture innovative air spring systems for automotive applications. This reduces both weight and cost.

Showcase (real application example)

The dryer housings are exposed to extremely high compressive loads inside the high-performance air spring compressors. To satisfy the automotive manufacturers specifications for deployment in top-of-the-range models, the parts must withstand bursting pressure tests at up to 80 bar.

NYLAFORCE® A 50 SCHWARZ-12643 has been developed for this application. With its special hydrolysis stabilization, the material satisfies the requirements in terms of functionality, a long service life and part design without any problems. Despite the high glass fibre content of 50%, the complex mould can be readily filled.

NYLAFORCE® A 50 SCHWARZ-12643 has extremely high mechanical strength, with very good strain values at the same time, and is thus eminently suited to housing parts subject to pressure that have previously been produced in metal.

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AMK Automotive



Major benefits achieved

Cost savings
Weight reduction

Used materials

Plastic / PA / Nylaforce


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