Compact racks with ninety-six sample tubes and caps facilitate automated diagnosis and a variety of lab processes in biotechnology and medical engineering.

• Significant cost saving through direct purchasing
• One central contact for the customer
• Further processing under enhanced hygienic conditions
• Complete batch traceability of all articles
• Kanban system allows delivery durations of one week


Mythentec took charge of the existing cap moulds and was tasked with improving the quality of the product and ensuring that this improvement was sustained. The individually marked caps were to be used for sealing glass tubes.

The required quality levels were achieved by strategic optimisation of the mould. The new and further improved hot runner moulds now achieve a significantly higher output rate.

Mythentec produces a total of six cap types in different colours with 4-
or 8-cavity moulds within cycle times of between 7 and 12 seconds. All
caps are then conditioned to meet the customer’s requirements. The central master computer system continually archives actual injection moulding cycle parameters on the server.

Thanks to a high degree of customer satisfaction, Mythentec today acts as a general contractor and takes charge of all subsequent steps. Each cap is laser marked with a unique code for automated sample processing in the lab. Mythentec takes care of the procurement of all purchased parts, assembles complete racks and packages these in units ready for sale. Further processing steps are carried out under enhanced hygienic conditions. The ERP system guarantees complete batch traceability throughout every process. A kanban system ensures short delivery times of one week.

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