Tortilla capsule with EVOH barrier for increased shelf life.

Fresh tortillas prepared with at a touch of a button. For this state of the art technology, BACHMANN.CH developed the perfect solution – a thermoformed plastic container with EVOH-barrier that enables improved shelf life.

As a specialist for thermoformed packaging, we develop and produce, tailor-made plastic packaging for food and non-food applications. Together with our customer, we created for the system an innovative capsule.
The automat produces at a touch of a button fresh Tortillas, flatbread, cookies and much more. By means of this device, even unexperienced users can insert a capsule filled with dough to get a freshly baked delicacy within seconds. The thermoformed container with the dough is hermetically sealed with a lid film. Thanks to the EVOH-barrier, the shelf life up to 60 days can be guaranteed without artificial preservation additives. The closed capsule is being opened inside the device; the dough is being released and completely processed.
According to the number of guests, individual quantities can be prepared. Thus, everyone gets enough, no need to open a new pack; hence, food waste can be avoided. 
One can dedicate oneself to the guests, the kitchen remains clean and all this without any preparatory work.
The system provides the possibility to prepare all kind of flavors (sweet or salty) without any effort.

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