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We produce IP TV SET TOP BOXES in different versions under different brands for one of our customers. To keep tool cost low despite the high product variability, our specialists have developed an approach with multiple inserts.

For one of our customers, we produce IPTV SET TOP BOXES. They are sold in different markets in different versions under different brands. A central challenge was to enable a maximum of product variability while working with a minim number of tools. Therefore, we have developed a solution with tools with multiple inserts. Some of the highlights are:


Upper cover

Thanks to two different inserts, the upper cover can be customized both in terms of texture as well as in regards to the brand. Three different textures can be realized in one tool:

  • DIAMOND HOUSING: The Diamond texture is made using a special eroding technology / burn-in replacement insert.
  • SOFT-TOUCH HOUSING: Imitation of the Soft-touch surface is performed by electro-erosion treatment with a minimum pulse pitch - to create a fine granular structure on the surface of the part.
  • GLOSS HOUSING: The mirror gloss of plastic products is the result of the fine work of our specialists. Correct polishing form-building is the guarantee of durability of form and premium look of plastic boxes.

With the second insert the logo and the positioning of it can be altered. Symbols in the logo may be over-hanged, embedded, glossy, and opaque, with special paints or films applied.


Rear cover

The central housing is equipped with a set of USB, HDMI, LAN, FN and other connectors, thus expanding possibilities for external media connection. The housing rear panel is made with replaceable inserts that allow manufacturing models with different interfaces.


With this multi-insert approach, we enabled our customer to realize high product variability while keeping cost at a minimum.

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