ENGEL easix: the multifunctional articulated robot

The ENGEL easix robot is the flexible solution for all kinds of applications and machines. .

Flexibility meets precision

The ENGEL easix six-axis robot and its integrated control unit are ideally equipped for current and future tasks. Complete control integration enables easy parameterisation and operation of the easix. This makes the robot perfectly suited for positioning tasks with a high degree of freedom of orientation and for machining tasks with precise path travel characteristics – with a payload of up to 240 kg. ENGEL offers the easix robots in two versions, based on technologies from Kuka and Stäubli.


More efficient production thanks to robots

Flexible handling tasks, gentle movements that protect the mechanical system, and precise part processing help to make production even more efficient. Whether you need a particularly flexible automation solution or need to meet special requirements, such as cleanroom production. This makes the ENGEL easix as easy to use as a linear robot.