For providers: Would you like to get found by customers?

The Swiss Plastics Platform is for you as a provider a new marketing channel, which takes latest B2B marketing principles into account.

Pull instead of push

Pull instead of Push

Thanks to interesting content, customers get in contact with you by themselves.

Enable the dialog

Target is the dialog between customers and the right contact persons in your company.


Don't do any sales pitches, but demonstrate your competences in showcases (real application examples).

The right place

The platform connects everyone working with plastics – so your customers.

Learn more about the marketing principles behind the Swiss Plastics Platform:

Learn more about the principles behind the Swiss Plastics Platform in the document B2B marketing with the Swiss Plastics Platform.

How can your company be present on the platform?

With an annual subscription of 1'000 CHF you are present on the Swiss Plastics Platform and

  • Present your offering in your digital company profile, which will be found by interested customers through the search functions
  • Present each year a product or service highlight
  • Publish each year a showcase, a real application example, which will be distributed in the personalized newsletters to interested customers and on social media
  • Get statistics on the reach of your content

If you are member of one of the partner organizations, you get 20% discount.

What do other providers say about the Swiss Plastics Platform?

Image of Thomas Dubler

«The Swiss Plastics Platform allows us from Ingenieurbureau Dr. Brehm AG to present our full competences.»

Thomas Dubler
CEO Ingenieurbureau Dr. Brehm AG

Image of Peter Kirst

«Our benefit on the Swiss Plastics Platform is, that we can reach new market segments and acquire new customers.»

Peter Kirst

Image of Willi Bachmann

«On the Swiss Plastics Platform, we present our products and services to a broad community of processors, OEMs, manufacturers and engineers, in order for them to easily find innovative solutions to their material problems.»

Willi Bachmann
CEO Lenor Plastics Zug AG

Do you have any questions regarding the possibilities of the platform?

Contact us!
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Telephone +41 44 552 44 64

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