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Dolder-Bigler AG January 20, 2022


TEKNOR APEX®, the materials specialist for hard/soft compounds, offers you a competitive product portfolio of thermoplastic elastomers and engineering thermoplastics.

Hildebrand Technology Gema Switzerland November 8, 2021

iONstream 4.0 – extremly fast & easy installation

iONstream 4.0 has been designed to make installation simple and extremly fast. See and be amazed at how quickly any operator can use the intelligent electrostatic discharging bar.

Swiss Plastics Cluster September 16, 2021

Injection overmolding of sensitive components

Discover the latest article we published in KunststoffXtra in collaboration with iRAP - (Institute for Applied Plastics Research). Das Projekt Assytronic, das zwischen dem Institut iRAP und 8 Industriepartnern des Swiss Plastics Cluster durchgeführt wird, zeigt die konkreten Möglichkeiten des direk

ENGEL July 2, 2021

Efficient turn-key solution for multi-component production

With ACH Solution, ENGEL presents a holistic production solution for high-quality 2C respirators with silicone sealing lip and replaceable filter on two injection moulding machines.

Hildebrand Technology Gema Switzerland June 29, 2021

Ionisation system for thermoforming lines: Bachmann Forming

BACHMANN FORMING AG develops customised, intelligent packaging solutions and manufactures to the highest quality standards. Thanks to iONstream 4.0, the thermoformed trays are guaranteed to be unloaded, enabling a fast and smooth process.

Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH June 1, 2021

Virtual Masterclass arouses great interest

2 successful online events are behind us, which we were able to hold together with our partners Tebis AG and FOOKE GmbH. The topics ranged from digital twins to the production of a vacuum clamping device made of polyurethane block material. Learn more about the highlights here.

Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH May 26, 2021
Product Highlight

HEXACUT® - End mill

Through close cooperation with end users in the CFRP industry, we were able to develop a new cutter geometry based on the HEXACUT® CFRP cutter geometry. The new DIP®6p diamond coating enables maximum tool life - even with challenging materials.

Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH May 26, 2021

Machining peek with the HC402

Thread milling in particular is an ideal option for threading of both PEEK holes and bosses. This threading technique can yield better quality threads and higher productivity than its alternatives. But see for yourself in the video!

ENGEL March 29, 2021
Service Highlight

Preventive maintenance with ENGEL care maintenance packages

Regular maintenance is a prerequisite for permanently smooth operation and safe working conditions in your injection moulding production. With ENGEL care, you benefit from full flexibility and choose from a variety of packages: from a simple inspection to a proactive maintenance plan.

Hildebrand Technology Gema Switzerland March 11, 2021
Product Highlight

iONstream 4.0 - Intelligent electrostatic discharging

iONstream 4.0 is a high performance AUTODC® static neutralising system. It incorporates the latest technological developments and is micro-controller operated. Electrode contamina-tion and emitter pin status, as well as neutralising efficiency, are continuously moni-tored and visualized.

ENGEL December 15, 2020

Tiebar-less for more efficiency and safety in the clean room

As universal fasteners, we encounter cable ties in all areas of life – even in medical technology. Samaplast produces similar connecting elements for closing the sternum after open heart surgery on ENGEL's tie-bar-less injection moulding machines in the clean room.

KraussMaffei (Schweiz) AG December 1, 2020

Scratch-resistant kitchen decorations created in one process

A. & J. Stöckli AG produces high-quality injection molded components, among others for household items. To create design panels for an oven, the Swiss company relied entirely on KraussMaffei's system competence to implement IMD (In-Mold Decoration) technology.

MessX AG October 20, 2020

Quality assurance with computer tomography

Hamilton Medical AG manufactures ventilation solutions for seriously ill patients. Using computed tomography, the company has been able to analyse and optimise the welding geometries of its flow sensors, resulting in a significant reduction in production waste.

HB-Therm AG October 12, 2020

Heating: Energy efficiency with a lifetime warranty

The heating system is a frequent cause of failure of a temperature control unit. We have changed that! With our heating system without direct contact with the heat transfer medium. A system without tank, which requires much less energy and one that will give you a lifetime warranty on top.

HB-Therm AG October 6, 2020

Unit calibration ex works

Even highly accurate probes and sensors have their tolerances. For example, up to 6 °C of the process temperature often remain undetected when a temperature control unit is replaced. With our device calibration ex works, we ensure reliable and reproducible temperature control.

Semadeni Plastics Group October 6, 2020

How laboratory equipment contributes to climate protection

What would happen if an invention was made which allowed the industry to neutralise its CO2 emissions and thus stop climate change? In the global flight against carbon dioxide, a solution ready for mass production could soon save the planet from a climate shock.

HB-Therm AG September 29, 2020

Eco-pump: Process reliable energy savings

With the Eco-pump from HB-Therm you can really save money and are also highly flexible when tempering molds. Eco-pump automatically regulates the speed without endangering the process. The energy savings can be recorded and shown on the display.

ENGEL September 14, 2020
Product Highlight

Maximum precision for lowest shot weights

For the market launch of its new micro-injection unit for liquid silicone rubber at ENGEL live e-xperience from 13th to 16th October 2020, ENGEL is producing the smallest precision components for the field of ophthalmology with an individual part weight of 0.0013 grams.

Swiss Plastics Expo August 12, 2020

Challenges of plastics & single-use legislation

The provisions of the Circular Economy Package on waste and packaging legislation have an immense impact on the packaging sector across the EU and beyond. In her presentation Kristy-Barbara Lange, European Bioplastics, analyses some of the challenges and suggests integrated development pathways.

Product Highlight

Communication Pro for automation lines & special machines

The digital, Industry 4.0-compatible ultrasonic generator AGM Pro is designed for installation in automation lines and special machines. When developing the new AGM Pro, we focused particularly on ensuring simple integration and easy operation.

Swiss Plastics Expo July 22, 2020

Why Plastic is Important for a Circular Fashion Industry

In his presentation Ben Levy presents the principles of circular economy that are used in Le Lab’s circular manufacturing platform, ITERATIF. Doing so, he explain how the platform links with the plastic supply chain and shares his vision of the role plastic will play in a circular future.

Swiss Plastics Expo June 17, 2020

Non-destructive testing of plastics and welded joints

To ensure high-quality and the functionality of your molding pieces, regular testing is necessary. At the Swiss Plastics Expo Dr. Man Xu, TNO, presents a non-destructive testing method that holds significant advantages compared to ultrasonic and x-ray testing.

Swiss Plastics Expo June 10, 2020

Blockchain and traceability: A perfect match?

Product DNA offers a novel solution in product traceability. At the Swiss Plastics Expo, Robin Cornelius presents the solution and demonstrates why blockchain and traceability are a perfect match to provide consumers with a new shopping experience.

MessX AG June 4, 2020

Why CT perfectly complements additive manufacturing

For additively manufactured components with complex geometries, conventional test methods reach their limits. Using the example of housings intended for hearing protection and a connection angle, we show you how you can achieve reliable quality assurance despite complexity and structure.

Swiss Plastics Expo April 28, 2020

Predicting Bio-inspired Surfaces

What do moth eye, gecko leg, lotus leaf and shark skin have in common? All of them have inspired researchers to develop applications with functions that mimic biological processes. At the Swiss Plastics Expo Dr. Lempesis, PICC Fribourg, talks about how nature can even initiate scientific innovation.

Swiss Plastics Expo April 28, 2020

The fate and transport of micro-plastics

At the Swiss Plastics Expo Dr. Mitrano, Eawag, presents a method that can be used to track plastics with a tracer built into the polymer. This makes it possible to develop a systematic understanding of particulate plastic interactions and processes which drive fate and transport in the environment.

MessX AG March 10, 2020

ISO-GPS standards system in measuring technology

A technical drawing must describe a workpiece completely and clearly. A number of standards are available for this under the generic term "geometric product specification". Find out how you can meet the requirements and what opportunities there are with regard to Industry 4.0.

Swiss Plastics Expo March 3, 2020

Hologram topped cap for more product security

KISICO, a manufacturer of caps and closures, offers an innovative hologram topped cap for more product security. Learn in the presentation of Veronica Savu how the hologram is realised without any additives, inks, or labels thanks to the technology of MORPHOTONIX.

Swiss Plastics Expo February 13, 2020

Compostable alternatives to plastic & need for traceability

BioApply solutions are compostable and enable the provision of a positive cycle from trade to the composting plant. To increase their transparency towards their customers, BioApply decided to collaborate with Product DNA - a platform that offers a unique solution for product traceability.

Swiss Plastics Expo February 13, 2020

Accelerating the circular economy through sustainable invest

In her Keynote, Anne-Louise Thon from SDG Invest, addresses why investments in the circular economy are the ultimate sustainable investment. She also talks about the development she has witnessed among companies and investors when it comes to the circular transition.