Innovative Solutions for the Medical Industry: The BA400 Automatic Analyzer Case

The medical industry faces challenges such as evolving regulations and technologies demanding more integrated and compact solutions. Discover how VANGEST designed and manufactured the BA400, offering its client an integrated, end-to-end service for the production of their award-winning analyzer.

VANGEST offers an array of solutions for the medical industry, including design and rapid prototyping, mould manufacturing, validation, and thermoplastic injection moulding. The BA400 perfectly exemplifies our team's experience in delivering tailored, end-to-end solutions all in one place.

New Product Design

The BA400 is a clinical chemistry, turbidimetry and random-access automatic analyzer for in-vitro diagnostics, designed to provide the best performance to laboratories that look to achieve maximum efficiency with optimal operating cost. The BA400 was engineered in close collaboration between Vangest and the customer design and technical teams to incorporate the most innovative technical solutions into a user-friendly and intuitive device.

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Prototyping Process

We prototyped the device in our Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Centre to validate the design and functionality among the separate parts. To ensure the highest quality and market success of the final product, we utilized a range of our cutting-edge technologies for effective component prototyping.

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Mould Manufacturing

As a third phase, we developed moulds to create the key components of the BA400, including the sample racks and the analysis rotor, as well as silicone moulds for the self-closing reagent caps.

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Injection Moulding

The BA400 project integrated various solutions available in our industrial complex, which was also notable in the final phase of the product development cycle. In our specialized unit for high-precision components production, we injected the analysis rotor and the self-closing caps for the reagents using thermoplastic injection.

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