Partner network: Comprehensive advice from a single source

The strong partner network of MessX AG enables you to benefit from comprehensive know-how in industrial measurement technology. Thus you gain a strong contact person who can support you in extensive projects that go far beyond a computer tomography scan.

At MessX you get more than just a computed tomography scan - you get strong expertise in all possible areas of industrial metrology. In close cooperation with selected partners, MessX AG implements extensive projects that go far beyond computer tomography scans. The knowledge of specialists in the fields of reverse engineering, additive manufacturing (3D printing), filling simulation, FEM calculations, tool design, damage analyses, series measurement and much more can be used. Each has specialized in one area and therefore has the highest professional competence, corresponding experience, and the most modern technical equipment.

Thanks to this professional network and the complete cooperation with partners, MessX AG can guarantee you the shortest reaction and throughput times as well as comprehensive and best advice.