Rapid optimisation and industrialisation

Cultivation of different cells in a fully automated module is made possible through a specially developed and patented closure for cell culture bottles. Mythentec optimized the product for the production and made a fast industrialisation possible.

Initial situation

Mythentec was involved in the development of new functionalities in the
closure required for automation and revised the 3D data to ensure its suitability
for plastic. Moreover, there was also a demand for industrialisation of all plastic parts and downstream processes in minimum time.



Re-engineering of all plastic parts in accordance with requirements and in
close cooperation with the customer was successfully achieved in only one
week. Development and integration of additional functions allowed the
pre-assembly of a module and elimination of silicone seals. As a consequence,
Mythentec also created the conditions for a simplified and more
cost-effective production process. The required injection moulds were obtained
from a competent partner in China and were available in only eight
weeks for initial sampling.


Injection moulding

Each part of this project requires a different moulding technique. Methods
employed include two-component injection, multi-slider tools with and
without conversion options for product variants, a mould with a core puller
required for a complex part geometry and a boring tool for creating the
required thread.


Further processing

Mythentec takes care of the sophisticated welding of diaphragms in filter
components with subsequent testing of the weld and airflow. The module
is then assembled in five steps and sent as a complete set for external sterilisation.
Further processing is realised under enhanced hygienic conditions,
and Mythentec guarantees consistent batch traceability.


Key factors

  • One central contact for the customer
  • Procurement and commissioning of tools abroad
  • Industrialising of ultrasonic welding and installation
  • Further processing under enhanced hygienic conditions
  • Complete batch traceability for all articles