Online-Forum "Composites in MedTech"

“Composites in MedTech” is the global platform for all participants from industry and research in the fields of composites and medical technology. No matter if SME, start-up, service provider, or research institution, everyone can find suitable participants from all over the world to network.

ON THE FIRST DAY, speakers from the composites industry and universities will give exciting presentations on how they have mastered specific problems in the field of medical technology and what the current state of the art is.

ON THE SECOND DAY of the event, speakers from the medical sector, the composites industry, and universities will present current and future problems for which they are looking for technical and/or material solutions or for which they already have solutions available.

Both series of lectures will be made available to the participants as video recordings immediately afterward, so that global time differences are not an issue.

THE THIRD DAY is dedicated to networking. There will be three matchmaking blocks of two hours each, timed so that participants from all over the world can use this platform to interact.

In addition to the possibility to register as a participant, we also offer companies the opportunity to place themselves visibly in the marketplace. Both via the special company pages and as a sponsor of the event. Various packages can be booked.

We look forward to welcoming you online.

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