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As a world leading manufacturer of temperature control equipment, HB-Therm AG has developed and produced innovative temperature control technology that meet the highest quality standards since 1967. With comprehensive expertise and a motivated workforce, the company has gained recognition as a techn

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HB-Therm AG April 12, 2024

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Experience productivity up close! Accompany Sumitomo (SHI) Demag on its 25-station roadshow through 14 European countries. Discover how innovative temperature control and precise flow meter increase efficiency.

HB-Therm AG October 12, 2020

Heating: Energy efficiency with a lifetime warranty

The heating system is a frequent cause of failure of a temperature control unit. We have changed that! With our heating system without direct contact with the heat transfer medium. A system without tank, which requires much less energy and one that will give you a lifetime warranty on top.

HB-Therm AG October 6, 2020

Unit calibration ex works

Even highly accurate probes and sensors have their tolerances. For example, up to 6 ยฐC of the process temperature often remain undetected when a temperature control unit is replaced. With our device calibration ex works, we ensure reliable and reproducible temperature control.

HB-Therm AG September 29, 2020

Eco-pump: Process reliable energy savings

With the Eco-pump from HB-Therm you can really save money and are also highly flexible when tempering molds. Eco-pump automatically regulates the speed without endangering the process. The energy savings can be recorded and shown on the display.

HB-Therm AG November 25, 2019

High surface quality with variothermal control

Some of the current demands on injection moulded parts, for example in terms of material and surface quality, can no longer be adequately met with conventional mould temperature control. This is why a manufacturer of injection moulded parts relies on variothermal temperature control.

HB-Therm AG November 25, 2019

Problem-free temperature control of complex tools

A medical technology manufacturer manufactures analysis cells in high-cavity injection molds. Despite temperature control units with tank systems and good water quality, the near-contour cooling channels in the injection molds tend to become dirty. Find out how this problem was solved.

HB-Therm AG November 22, 2019

Manufacture of disposable medical products

A world-renowned manufacturer of medical equipment is focussing its attention on the production of plastic disposable products at one of its locations in Switzerland.

HB-Therm AG November 13, 2019

Book Temperature Control Technology: Theory and practice

We are happy to support schools and training centres by sharing our profound expertise and through comprehensive consulting. We draw on our experience of 50 years of development and training.

HB-Therm AG November 13, 2019

HB-Therm Clean-5: Cleanses, flushes and conserves

Contamination in the temperature control circuits not only leads to a reduced flow but also to a deterioration of heat transfer and thus to a lessening of efficiency. Clean-5 removes corrosion and scaling in moulds, temperature control units and pipes and provides extended protection in the storage.

HB-Therm AG November 13, 2019

To ensure channels stay truly clean

Reduced water quality can have immense consequences for the temperature control circuit. The Treat-5 water treatment unit is used to supply system water to temperature control units and reliably prevents the consequences of poor water quality.

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  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • P Temperature control
  • P Mold cleaning
  • P Further processing
  • S Consulting

About us

With 150 employees, our Swiss family business sees itself as a system supplier that provides seamless support to its customers, from device design up to comprehensive after sales service. “Swiss made” means for us a philosophy that satisfies the highest demands on products and services. We produce exclusively in St. Gallen. With own sales companies in Germany and France and a distribution network in over 60 other countries, we’re always available on the spot for our customers around the globe.

Our quality and environmental management system is based on ongoing improvement of all procedures and processes and is certified according to ISO 9001/14001.