Nägeli Swiss AG

Short description

Naegeli Swiss AG develops and manufactures customized components in fiber composite technology as well as in metal stamping and deep drawing technologies. For over 35 years, Naegeli Swiss has been a reliable supplier of advanced composite components.


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Standards, Products, Services

  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • S Product development
  • S Simulation (FEM, process simulation, etc.)
  • S Tools for fiber-reinforced plastics
  • S Technology development
  • S Application development
  • S Processing of fibre composites
  • S Forging, punching, bending
  • S Heat treatment

About us

Naegeli Swiss AG
In its more than 75-year history, Naegeli Swiss AG has made a name for itself as an innovative company in the processing of modern materials into high-quality products. The company is based at Lake Constance in Guettingen, Switzerland, and is run by the second and third generation. Core competence is the development and production of sophisticated components in metal and fiber composite technology for various markets such as e.g. machine and apparatus industry, textile machine industry, optics, automotive or aerospace industry.


Advanced Composite technology
Since the mid-1980s, we have been intensively involved in fiber composite technology and have acquired a broad knowledge in component development and in the field of various process technologies. The close cooperation with our customers as well as with different universities leads to customized solutions using the latest technologies.

Depending on the requirements, we use various autoclave-free processes with thermosets or thermoplastics.


Innovative Solutions made of Metal and Fiber Composites

→  Several years of experience

→  Production using the latest technologies

→  Innovative and smart solutions

→  Highest quality standards

→  Technical advice

→  Network with different universities


Our Competences

→  Component design and layout

→  Tool design and tool manufacturing

→  Process engineering

→  Processing of prepreg, RTM (Resin injection moulding), thermoforming

→  Prototype and series production

→  Follow-up operations (e.g. milling, bonding, painting)


Sheet Metal Forming
Since the founding of the company in 1941, the stamping and deep-drawing technology has been steadily developed, know-how for the processing of higher quality material qualities has been built up and the competence to develop component and process optimized solutions together with the customer has been strengthened.