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During these workshop basics and dedicated proberties of all commercial additive manufacturing technologies are presented to the attendees. The potential of additive manufacturing for his company is going to be explained to the customer.

Why should i use additive manufacturing? Where is it useful in my company? Which kind of additive manufacturing technology excist? What are the differences between theese technologies und which are the Pro's and Con's? Which materials are manufacturable? What doas is cost to manufacture a part or to invest in a technology?

We answer you questions! During our 2-day workshop we provide an overview of all commercial additive manufacturing technologies. For dedicated Technologies, which fits to the attendend company, we give deep-dive knowledge. Especially for designing parts for additive manufacturing as well as regarding sost an efficiency, we will provide you the relevant information.

Our highlight is an attendee-optimized view on applications from the customer, to provide specific potential and cost assumption on printable parts and products.

Don't hasitate to get in contact with us! We will give you the possibility to become an expert for additive manufacturing.

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