Exploring new avenues in plastics recycling

Plastic waste comes in for strong criticism. The objectives must be to avoid waste, re-use packaging and encourage recycling. And when it comes to recycling, there are different ways of utilizing plastic waste. But which method is suitable, and when?

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Semadeni Plastics Group February 11, 2022

Laboratory bottles from the circular economy

Semadeni presents CircularLine - the first laboratory bottles made of sustainable PE-LD with over 30% recycled content from renewable raw materials. They are a resource-saving alternative and the first laboratory bottles to come from the circular economy.

Swiss Plastics Expo February 13, 2020

Compostable alternatives to plastic & need for traceability

BioApply solutions are compostable and enable the provision of a positive cycle from trade to the composting plant. To increase their transparency towards their customers, BioApply decided to collaborate with Product DNA - a platform that offers a unique solution for product traceability.

Swiss Plastics Expo February 13, 2020

Accelerating the circular economy through sustainable invest

In her Keynote, Anne-Louise Thon from SDG Invest, addresses why investments in the circular economy are the ultimate sustainable investment. She also talks about the development she has witnessed among companies and investors when it comes to the circular transition.

Swiss Plastics Expo February 13, 2020

Upstream Innovation for a Circular Economy

In this presentation, Sara Lindeblad Wingstrand presents innovative approaches to achieve a circular economy for plastic packaging. Among others, this includes: New delivery models that eliminate the need for an after-use infrastructure and new delivery models based on reusable packaging.

ENGEL July 30, 2019

Wider use of recycled materials

What contribution can an injection moulding machine manufacturer make to actively support the establishment of a circular economy for plastics? The focus is on processing recycled material, improving process stability, and the trend towards design for recycling.

Ingenieurbureau Dr. Brehm AG March 14, 2019

Increase bulk density and improve flowability

The trend towards ever lighter and thinner PET packaging, which has continued for several years, has a direct impact on the production process of many companies. This article shows you how to solve problems with low bulk densities or pourability effectively.

Semadeni Plastics Group November 13, 2018

Fertilizer from urine – bottles made from recycled material

Valuable nutrients are extracted from urine and used as fertilizer using a new recycling process. The Semadeni Plastics Group produces the packaging material of the fertilizer, consisting of 100% recycled PET, and thus makes a further important contribution to the recycling economy.

Semadeni Plastics Group September 8, 2016

Trigger bottles made out of 100% recycled PET

Fripoo Produkte AG, based in Grüningen, has started to put their cleaning agent into spray bottles made from PET, a substance made from 100% recycled material. Semadeni Plastics Group is the manufacturer.