Computed tomography with even greater detail detectability

"high-flux|target" is the name of the latest technology which has been successfully in use at MessX AG since 2018. It allows components to be scanned with a higher X-ray performance than with a "standard" target. This leads to a higher resolution of the CT data and detail detectabilit.

"high-flux|target" : Higher detail detectability

A higher resolution of the CT data is especially helpful for denser materials such as steel parts. The same applies to multi-materials, such as a plastic component with steel inserts, electronic components, or assemblies.

The difference in the available data quality is visible. The picture shows the CT scan of an electronic component made of different materials.


Safe conclusion

It is often precisely this difference in the quality of the CT data that allows a safe conclusion to be drawn about a defect in material or assembly.

The "high-flux|target" is a patented technology and is used exclusively in CT systems from "GE Inspection Technologies".


Competitive advantage through the latest technology

As a specialist in the field of computed tomography and the associated versatile evaluation and analysis possibilities of CT data, MessX AG is committed to always being able to offer its customers the best technical options. With the use of the new "high-flux|target", the spectrum of possible investigations of components, which were not technically feasible up to now, is greatly expanded. We are already looking forward to new tasks in which we can accompany you with state-of-the-art technology.