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MessX AG October 20, 2020

Quality assurance with computer tomography

Hamilton Medical AG manufactures ventilation solutions for seriously ill patients. Using computed tomography, the company has been able to analyse and optimise the welding geometries of its flow sensors, resulting in a significant reduction in production waste.

Swiss Plastics Expo June 17, 2020

Non-destructive testing of plastics and welded joints

To ensure high-quality and the functionality of your molding pieces, regular testing is necessary. At the Swiss Plastics Expo Dr. Man Xu, TNO, presents a non-destructive testing method that holds significant advantages compared to ultrasonic and x-ray testing.

MessX AG June 4, 2020

Why CT perfectly complements additive manufacturing

For additively manufactured components with complex geometries, conventional test methods reach their limits. Using the example of housings intended for hearing protection and a connection angle, we show you how you can achieve reliable quality assurance despite complexity and structure.

MessX AG March 10, 2020

ISO-GPS standards system in measuring technology

A technical drawing must describe a workpiece completely and clearly. A number of standards are available for this under the generic term "geometric product specification". Find out how you can meet the requirements and what opportunities there are with regard to Industry 4.0.

MessX AG June 5, 2019

Computed tomography with even greater detail detectability

"high-flux|target" is the name of the latest technology which has been successfully in use at MessX AG since 2018. It allows components to be scanned with a higher X-ray performance than with a "standard" target. This leads to a higher resolution of the CT data and detail detectabilit.

MessX AG June 5, 2019

Frequently asked questions about computed tomography

Industrial computed tomography has become indispensable for non-destructive material testing. For your full view though, MessX AG clarifies the most important questions concerning the imaging process.

MessX AG January 9, 2019

Testing a "Stradivarius" violin by CT-scan

In most cases, MessX AG analyzes technical components using computed tomography. However, also antique objects can be inspected in detail with this technology. Learn how the company used computed tomography to examine the current and hidden conditions of two world-famous violins.

MessX AG November 29, 2018

Innovative solution for the guarantee of your quality claim

Computed tomography can be used to compare an object with a CAD model or with a second reference part. This means that deviations can be displayed precisely and in colour on the surface and a component can be inspected 100% instead of just selectively.