ENESKAsonic: Further development of ultrasonic polishing

ENESKAsonic is the high-performance high-tech successor generation of the joke family for the finest removal. Its intelligence is to be emphasized, because ENESKAsonic determines the optimal frequency by itself. The 140 g light handpiece lies comfortably in the hand and enables fatigue-free working.

Ultrasonic lapping and polishing system

"Welcome", we say to the newest member of the joke family: ENESKAsonic.

As with the ENESKAmicro, the ENESKAsonic ultrasonic system is characterized by consistent further development in every detail. The superior design paired with comfortable high-tech equipment deserves special mention.


  • Tune function for an optimum ultrasonic frequency
  • Boost function for more powerful requirements
  • Intuitive operation via touch combined with a rotary knob on high-quality glass
  • Modern LED-supported multifunction display
  • Idle timer detects unused handpieces and protects against wear and tear
  • USB charging connection enables, for example, the optional addition of a workplace lamp without an additional power source


TUNE function

ENESKAsonic is the first device in its class to set the optimum frequency of the tool at the start of operation or after pressing the button.
...whether a long or short tool, light or heavy... the ENESKAsonic "tuned" itself! In this way, we guarantee a significantly longer service life and optimum removal to the perfect surface. Even ceramic fiber files no longer have to be shortened.


BOOST function

Step on the gas, that's the motto! For eroded surfaces, which are usually coarse and hard, the ENESKAsonic with the BOOST function (power activation) can remove this surface easily. Despite its high power, it can be very finely dosed and the surface can be optimally machined.

The ENESKAsonic works in the frequency range from 20 to 30 kHz during polishing and lapping. The Auto-Tune function determines the optimum frequency. The infinitely variable power control is suitable for excellent, filigree work on narrow webs and edges as well as in boost mode for power-intensive, extra abrasive work with sintered diamond files. The LED-supported display shows various operating parameters and settings. The 140 g lightweight handpiece with M6 fine thread lies comfortably in hand and enables fatigue-free working.



  • Surfaces can be machined without changing dimensional accuracy or geometry.
  • With the right tool, the ENESKAsonic is also able to work within bores, ribs, or on deep-lying surfaces.


Do you have any questions about the product, or would you like to get the ENESKAsonic? Then contact HATAG Handel und Technik AG. The HATAG team looks forward to advising you.