New material and surface characteristics

Various technologies are being used to substantially modify the characteristics of plastic parts and their surfaces. This can mean optimization of thermal and mechanical properties, but also special functionalities such as surface tension, tribological and light-emitting properties.

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EMS-GRIVORY October 4, 2023

More nature in winter sports - Greenline products

Ski touring and off-piste skiing are on the rise. EMS-GRIVORY responds to the increasing demand for environmentally friendly products and presents tailor-made PA610 products for this emerging trend sport.

Swiss Plastics Expo March 20, 2023

Adhesion promotion and new material combinations: overmolding of plasma functionalized surfaces

"Binding what does not bind" is the motto of plasma surface functionalization. Innovation often requires that two materials that naturally do not bond must be joined. Plasma surface functionalizations are an elegant solution to overcome this challenge.

ImproMat Sàrl March 13, 2023

Protect your materials from bacteria and viruses

Do you want to protect your materials from bacteria and viruses? In this speech you reserve impulses how this is possible without problems by adding additives.

MORPHOTONIX February 27, 2023

Extreme engraving for molded products

Counterfeiting decreases sales and erodes brands. With Morphotonix technology, brands can now secure and authenticate their products quickly and without any consumables, with diffractive, personalized and eye-catching elements.

Swiss Plastics Expo March 3, 2020

Hologram topped cap for more product security

KISICO, a manufacturer of caps and closures, offers an innovative hologram topped cap for more product security. Learn in the presentation of Veronica Savu how the hologram is realised without any additives, inks, or labels thanks to the technology of MORPHOTONIX.

EMS-GRIVORY October 30, 2019

EMS high-performance polyamides for a rapid charging system

The Swiss cable specialist, Huber+ Suhner, relies on long-glass fibre technology (LFT) from EMS- GRIVORY for the main components in its RADOX® HPC high-power charging system. The rapid charging system is being used in electric vehicles.

HATAG Handel und Technik AG July 17, 2019

ENESKAsonic: Further development of ultrasonic polishing

ENESKAsonic is the high-performance high-tech successor generation of the joke family for the finest removal. Its intelligence is to be emphasized, because ENESKAsonic determines the optimal frequency by itself. The 140 g light handpiece lies comfortably in the hand and enables fatigue-free working.

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