More nature in winter sports - Greenline products

Ski touring and off-piste skiing are on the rise. EMS-GRIVORY responds to the increasing demand for environmentally friendly products and presents tailor-made PA610 products for this emerging trend sport.

The Greenline PA610 products Grilamid 2S XE 10901 NATURAL (very high flexibility) and 2S XE 11364 NATURAL (medium flexibility) are used by well-known manufacturers for special ski boots. They offer low densities, appealing surfaces and remain flexible at low temperatures, which increases ride comfort and safety.

For highly rigid functional parts in the same application area, there is Grilamid 2S FE 16182 ANTHRACITE, a PA610 injection moulding grade with 30% long carbon fibres. This product is the first partially bio-based product in EMS-GRIVORY's range of long fibre thermoplastics (LFT) and improves sustainability.

EMS-GRIVORY is also working on the development of fully bio-based plastics such as PA1010 to further reduce its ecological footprint.

The manufacturer also relies on CO2-neutral energy sources and produces all the aforementioned polymers and compounds at its CO2-neutral site in Domar/Ems (Switzerland).

EMS-GRIVORY is thus setting new standards in winter sports by developing innovative, high-performance and environmentally friendly materials that exceed the expectations of the industry.